simply grow
better cannabis.

Nine Leaf’s proven, exclusive biostimulant solution
removes the guesswork and enables everyone from
home hobbyists to industrial farmers to simply
grow better cannabis with faster germination,
stronger plants, greater yields, and increased
cannabinoid compounds.

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Cannabis Farming

Growing quality cannabis can be unexpectedly challenging. Finding an ideal care and feeding regimen is essential, yet nearly every grower has their own unique recipe. Factoring in outside variables such as soil quality, weather, insects, and limited farming expertise often means a small mistake or a minor oversight can damage an entire crop – or worse.

Nine Leaf’s Simple,
Extraordinary Solution

Nine Leaf offers a total solution consisting of four remarkable products which together eliminate the need for amended soil and complex chemical mixtures while delivering extraordinary vegetation results with no additional cost.

In more than twenty studies and grows in a wide variety of environments, Nine Leaf’s propriety solution has consistently accelerated germination, delivered yield increases of over 10%, and grown stronger, healthier, more stress-resistant plants. Nine Leaf’s ongoing 2017 studies are also showing increased cannabinoid production, meaning that fewer plants can produce larger yields with higher THC content. Shorter seed-to-harvest times may also enable light deprivation grows to add an additional cycle, thereby increasing output and profit.

Nine Leaf’s all natural solution (certified organic by the State of California) will be packaged for grows of all sizes, from six-plant personal gardens to industrial farms with thousands of plants, indoor and out. Comparing the cost of Nine Leaf’s solution versus traditional amendments and nutrient regimens, Nine Leaf costs the same or less per plant while delivering thriving, more profitable crops.

Bottom Line: Nine Leaf’s exclusive solution saves money, increases yields, shortens grow cycles, increases THC content, and reduces complexity, meaning anyone can simply grow better cannabis.

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